Before I started working with the elderly, I saw them for who they are now, frail and vulnerable. Once I started working with them, I began to see them as the products of their lives and it made me more determined to assist and advise them and to protect their rights where possible.

Families may see them as a burden and in reality, they often are. Caring for a loved one is hard under all circumstances, it is emotionally draining. Families have the benefit of know them longer than I do usually and therefore knowing first hand the person that they used to be.

The elderly have lived whole, full and interesting lives. I’ve met many of the war generation and wartime is an opportunity for the extraordinary. During the war people (on both sides of the war) would have done things that were extraordinary brave and good and people would have done things extraordinarily awful. That’s the nature of war.

I love the job that I do, I’m grateful to my clients or their attorneys for allowing me to help them and be an advocate on their behalf.

My clients are an amazing collection of people from all walks of life with histories that would make a best seller. I try to ensure that their care needs are met and that their lives are enhanced to the extent that is possible. My aim is to try to get those caring for them to see them in a similar light and to maximise the potential of their lives. They are incredibly vulnerable and at risk, but that is not all they are, they are so much more.