The Great Nash Bake Off

28th October 2013

We were going to have a Bake Off as part of our fundraising for MacMillan’s coffee morning, but unfortunately one of the participant bakers was unavailable.  We had the MacMillans’s coffee morning in our usual fashion and raised £315.55.  It was then agreed that we would Bake Off on another day and as Jeremiah’s Journey is the Nash & Co charity for 2013, we decided to do it for Jeremiah’s Journey.

I have managed to encourage 8 members of staff in total, as well as the wife of a partner to be Bakers (9 Bakers in total).  Subject to work or diary constraints, all staff should be involved as either baker or judge. There will be two rounds of judging, firstly by Joanne from Jeremiah’s Journey and then by all the staff, via their email (the staff have to purchase something to taste and vote).  With the maximum staff involvement, we hope to raise the maximum amount of money for Jeremiah’s Journey and of course to have fun and eat something delectable!

I have had to organise a basic set of rules, we have agreed anonymity, so in order to organise this, and we have someone with the title “Bake Master”, who will receive the Bakes and lay them out anonymously, only the Bake Master will know who baked what.

The rules are fairly simple:

  • It must be baked by the participant baker (no removing M&S wrappers or getting someone else to do it).
  • It must be something that could be on the TV show GBBO: sweet/savour/pastry/cake/cupcake/biscuit etc.
  • All bakes are judged anonymously, so no telling anyone which their bake is or anyone else’s.

Jeremiah’s Journey have offered to judge, following an earlier tweet I wrote and of course we gratefully accepted their kind offer.  Joanne from Jeremiah’s Journey will bring Jeremiah the bear with her for the judging.  Judging will take place from 12.30pm onwards in our conference room.

The Bakers are (in alphabetical order):

  • Peter Ash (Associate      Solicitor – Family/Children)
  • Amberjane Baker (Secretary)
  • Vivien Bell (Assistant Solicitor – Family)
  • Helen Bull (Partner      Solicitor – Family/Children)
  • Hilary Cragg (Associate Solicitor – Elderly      Client)
  • Christopher Stephens (Associate Solicitor – Commercial Property)
  • Sue Wakeham (Receptionist)
  • Vanessa Walker (wife of Senior Partner)
  • John Wyatt (Managing Partner Solicitor – Litigation)

We have left the competition open that if other people would like to enter on the day, then we will happily accept their Bakes.

Only the medallists will be disclosed, all other entrants will come joint 4th.  There are no losers – we are all winners, having fun, eating something fabulous and raising money for a very good cause.