The Great Nash Bake Off

20 October 2014



Following the successs of the Great Nash Bake Off 2013, we decided to do it again.  Any excuse to eat cake…………….


The day of the Bake Off was very exciting.  The Baker all took up their Bakes to the conference room, where they were all laid out for us in preparation for Bernadette from Children’s Hospice South West coming to act as judge.


The Bakers were (in alphabetical order):

  • Helen Bull (Partner Solicitor – Family/Children)
  • Hilary Cragg (Partner Solicitor – Vulnerable Client)
  • Julia Ludlow – (Legal Executive – Residential Conveyancing)
  • Jan Thomas (Costings)
  • Nicola Tiltman (Secretary)
  • Sue Wakeham (Receptionist)


We had bakers on the day bring something, who had not originally confirmed that they were entering into the competition and we are grateful for the contributions.


Cheese Scones (Helen Bull)

Welsh Gingerbread (Helen Bull)

Lemon Cake (Hilary Cragg)

Chocolate slices with fudge topping (Hilary Cragg)

Orange Chocolate Cake (Julia Ludlow)

Chocolate super-food thins (Jan Thomas)

Coffee & Walnut cake (Nicola Tiltman)

Passion Fruit Cake (Sue Wakeham)




And the winners………..


The Children’s Hospice South West winners were:

1st – Julia’s Chocolate & Orange Cake

2nd – Hilary’s Lemon Cake

3rd – Nicky’s Coffee & Walnut Cake


Nash staff voted for:


1st – Julia’s Chocolate & Orange Cake

Joint 2nd – Hilary’s Lemon Cake and Janice’s Chocolate Super-food Thins

3rd – Sue’s Passion fruit Cake

Joint 4th – Helen Bull’s cheese scones and the Welsh Gingerbread, Nicky’s Coffee & Walnut Cake and Hilary’s Chocolate slices with fudge topping.


Congratulations to all the winners.  We are all winners for taking part in whatever capacity.  We had a great day, had some wonderful things to eat and raised the grand sum of £60 from the Bake Off, plus a further £40 from the sale of Christmas cards for Children’s Hospice South West, a fantastic cause.