Working collaboratively with other lawyers


My specialism is working with people who have physical, psychological or cognitive impairments and their carers.  In other words, people with some kind of disability and if they are too impaired to manage their own affairs, then with the people who help and support them.


Having a disability does not prevent that person from needing other legal services, so within Nash & Co I work collaboratively with my other colleagues to ensure that these people are supported.


At any one time, I am usually involved in the files of around 2-3 other cases within our firm and support the other people to ensure that they understand the issue and can assist that person to achieve the best outcome.


I have been involved in litigation, but most commonly it is to do with property sales or divorce.  In order to get divorced, the person needs to have sufficient cognitive ability to instigate the divorce, which they may not have, however that does not prevent their spouse from issuing proceedings and in which case the divorce has to be dealt with, including the financial division of the family assets.


I advise about some care issues and care funding and in divorce proceedings that ensures that the party that we represent has the best advice in the circumstances.


I have recently come across other families where they have seen other firms of solicitors and they have felt that they could not assist.  This leaves these families without access to justice, which is considered a basic human right.  When we are able to assist they are incredibly grateful for the support and to feel that someone is on their side.  On behalf of my clients, I feel saddened that they have not been able to find the assistance that they have needed so badly, until they came to Nash & Co.


If this affects you and you do not know where to turn for assistance, then please get in touch.  Basic human rights are for everyone, including people with disabilities.  People with disabilities are entitled to good legal representation.