Writing a book starts with having a great idea. It also takes the time and energy necessary to devote to the project in order to convert an idea into something tangible. We are all supposed to have at least one booking us, yet many of us never become authors or writers, and probably a big reason for this is the willingness to work on the idea.

My idea came from dealing with all of the clients and their families in my professional capacity as a solicitor who specialises in supporting individuals with cognitive, physical or psychological healthcare problems. The work that I do in supporting these individuals and their families allows me a unique and insider level of access to the difficulties and stress that is involved in living with and supporting somebody with a dementia, which is the most common condition that I come across professionally. I also supported my mother through the last 3 years of her life, as she developed vascular dementia. I therefore have both a broad and deep understanding of the journey of dementia from the early stages right through to death and the grieving process.

Slowly over time, as I’ve been doing this work now for approximately 15 years, I felt the need to do more to support these individuals and their families. Having tried to provide support and suggestions to my clients, in order to reach more people I decided to write the book that I didn’t have when I was looking after my mum.

So having got an idea, the next step is sitting down and writing it. It starts with the plan, and outline of what book should be and initially I thought the story of my mum and how I felt about supporting her would be helpful. I then gave that book to an editor who politely, but nevertheless bluntly told me very few people would be interested in it. She was correct. That was 2 years’ worth of work that will never see the light of day. It nevertheless gave me writing experience and some discipline. She then gave me some ideas about what people would want to read so once I got over my own ego, I rehashed a plan for a new kind of book.

I then spent another 18 months writing the next version of my book, and having an editor comment on it and revising it along the way. Finally once the text is complete, I needed to consider how to publish, whether it was worth trying to get a publishing deal or self publish.

My book will shortly be published, I am in the process of finalising the details of its publication and will provide more information shortly. I am very excited about this project, and have learnt a lot along the way. Stay tuned for more information………..