We are all fed up!  We’ve been confused and trying to adjust to new rules and restrictions on our lives for the last 20 months.  We want things to go back to normal, but are nevertheless both afraid that they never will and afraid that they might, but that we have changed, so it will never be the same again!  We are exhausted!

We are all happy when summer comes, travel becomes a little easier and we can go out and the narrative seems to imply that life is a bit easier.  But as always, winter comes around again, we spend less time outside and the restrictions start to come into force again.  So whilst we think we know what the future might hold, as plans change and change again, we are beginning to realise that we don’t know what will happen and we are living with uncertainty.  Which leads us to live where we have been for the last 20 months, living on adrenaline!  Which is exhausting!

We all need a good break and a rest.

This is true about people with dementia, they have reported being more isolated and lonely than ever.  Dementia is the most common co-morbidity that people die from with dementia.  Carers have been taking care of their loved one and are also exhausted by burdens of caring during a pandemic!

There are worries about getting a vaccination, worries about the people who choose not to get vaccinated and worries about variants of the virus, as well as whether there are tests, hospital beds and lateral flow kits available!

Listen to the scientists, they are the people who understand viruses and their spread.  But take account of your own risk comfort levels, if something seems too risky to you, it probably is.  Because even if you did the risky thing, which might be a fabulous thing, if you are too worried to enjoy it, then the whole thing will no longer be as fabulous as you hoped.

Take care of yourself physically and mentally.  Over the holiday period, I hope that you get to spend some time with those that you love, who love you.