As well as medication, which is suitable for some dementias, additionally there is also cognitive behaviour therapy, which is helpful as a social care support strategies.  There is also pet therapy, walking therapy and music therapy, all of which are brilliant social therapies for lots of people.

But what else is there?

Aromatherapy has been shown to be an effective pain relief and can be very calming so someone who is agitated.

Often people who have mobility issues cannot take part in much physical activity, but they can often still move some part of their body, so chair aerobics or Pilates work well.  It gets people moving to keep the mobility and flexibility that they do have.

There are lots of other therapies that may work for some people.

It is reported that Reiki can be helpful in treating pain that is experienced by people who have dementia.  It is a connecting therapy, with people being fully clothed and touched by the Reiki practitioner.

Learning something new is known to improve the functionality of the brain.  The new skill does not need to be mastered, instead, when it is started to get easier is the time to switch and learn something new, as this make the brain work and keeps the brain connections going.

Turmeric extract has been shown to block the amyloid build up in the brain, so drinking it as a tea or adding it to foods can help.  Gingko and Ginseng are also reported to have some benefits.

There are lots of foods that are reported to be good for brain function, including following the Mediterranean type diet.  Ensuring also that the person has enough sleep and drinks enough water to remain hydrated.

Good oral care has been linked to reduction of the risk of Alzheimer’s and in any event, clean teeth are nice in any event.

There are lots of things that people can try, some may work better than others for lots of different reasons, including that the person with dementia will not accept the treatment or idea offered.  Not everyone is a fan of animals or turmeric!

Nevertheless, if there is a simple remedy that might work for a person with dementia, then it is worthwhile trying it, some of these simple home remedies have very little negative consequences, such as ensuring that the person has enough water, so are worthy trying.

There are some other ideas here